Friday, 2 April 2010

Halong Bay 29.03.10 - 30.03.10

Halong Bay is a vast landscape of limestone crags popping up out of the sea in all shapes and sizes. It's similar to Phang Nga Bay in Thailand we visited, but it's on a much larger scale. The rows of misty mountains go far into the distance getting fainter and fainter in colour, as the still fog hangs over them. We stay on a traditional wooden junk boat in a pretty little cabin and have our dinner and breakfast served in the boat's dining room. It's very restful to sit in our cabin and watch the mountains go by as we sail along. There's almost always a fog which obscures the sun here and today's no exception. With no wind it makes the water very calm and we silently drift through smaller bays surrounded by cliffs where small floating villages are to be found. The men do the fishing and the women try their hand at selling drinks and food to the many tourist boats that pass by.